Custom Acupuncture
Treatments for You

Custom Acupuncture
Treatments for You

On The Menu

Our menu is a starting point with some of the most common conditions. Our expert Healers will customize the right treatment plan for you.



For stress + anxiety. A mindful break for overall wellbeing so you can stay calm + focused on what matters.

Loosen up

For sore muscles. Release tight muscles so you can get back to working out, chasing kids or working on your computer.

Second Wind

For fatigue. Hitting a wall with no time to recharge? Restore your energy + feel refreshed from get-up-and-go to goodnight.

In the Clear

For immunity. Strengthen your immune system when you’re always on the go.


House of Pain

For acute + chronic pain. Back, neck, shoulder or headaches—whatever’s ailing you, we've got you covered from head to toe.

The Ladies' Room

For women’s health. We've got your back if your health goal is to get pregnant, have pain-free periods, decrease PMS or manage menopause.


For insomnia. Deeper sleep for more productive days.

Trust Your Gut

For digestion. Keep it moving + send gas, bloat and indigestion packing.


Face Time

Tap into an ancient beauty secret. Facial acupuncture is an all-in-one treatment that reduces wrinkles, calms inflammation, boosts collagen + relaxes your whole face for a more beautiful you. Go on, glow!

Don’t see your condition? We’ve got you! Acupuncture is proven to treat over 300 conditions, and we’ll work with you to find the right treatment for you.


Start WTHN Intro Special

$ 65

— 45 minutes + 15 minutes acu-sessment

Intro session for new kids on our acu-block.


$ 75

— 45 minutes

One session a month + additional sessions at same price. Complimentary cupping + LED light therapy. 10% off herbs.

*Six month minimum commitment, no initiation fee.

One-Time Session

$ 85

— 45 minutes

One session. Acu-mazing relief for anyone, anytime.


LED Light Therapy

$ 20

Recommended for facial rejuvenation. Complimentary for members.


$ 20

Recommended for pain and detox. Complimentary for members.


We also accept FSA + HSA debit cards so you can be super smart with those pre-tax dollars.

The Experience

We’re excited to be your guides in a one of a kind natural healing experience.

Sound Therapy

Enjoy binaural beats created exclusively for us through noise cancellation headphones for the deepest relaxation.

Wellness Lounge

Start and end your session with a little extra “me” time sipping complimentary tea in our lounge.

Heated Tables

State-of-the-art heated tables for your total comfort.

Healing Oasis

Feel the good vibes of the whole studio in the privacy of your own treatment area.

Totally Seamless

You’re busy, so we keep it simple. Book, check in, tell us key things about your health—all online.

Vanity Area

Freshen up in our chic vanity area before re-entering the real world.

First Time with Us?

Your session includes an extra 15 minute acu-sessment with one of our expert Healers. We'll answer any questions + create your custom treatment plan.

So you’re getting acupuncture… here are some common questions

Meet Our Healers

All of our highly-trained, expert Healers are New York State licensed with a Master's or Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Kristin C.

Feeling good on the inside is the true secret to shining bright on the outside.

Charles R.

A fountain of good vibes, ancient wisdom and impeccable talent.

Greg H.

Martial arts master and a fountain of good energy, life is worth pursuing.

Lauren B.

With passion and grace, creates a safe space to empower healing.

Claire C.

A light in the world and here to share it with all.

Caitlin K.

Loves peaches off the tree and finding magic in the world.

Karen O.

A caring heart plus a decade of experience to help you on your healing journey.

Maya S.

Transformed by Chinese Medicine and wants you to experience better health.

Laura S.

Gentle and nurturing, Laura is always rooting for you in your healthcare journey.

Thiago Z.

Harmonizing the body and the mind to fulfill your potential.

Robert L.

A musician of sound in the body.

Lana S.

Passionate and proficient, Lana will inspire you to establish agency in your healthcare routine.