These Best Sellers Are Back

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heal for real

Time-tested holistic healing, backed by science. Empower your health to a new level.


Customized sessions with a Licensed Acupuncturist in an ultra-modern setting.


Highly effective organic herbal blends to optimize + restore your best health.


Ancient beauty secrets that rejuvenate your face to keep you glowing naturally.

Glow From Home

Based on ancient skincare techniques, our beauty tools and acupressure ear seeds are excellent ways to empower your best health and keep you stress-free + glowing at home.

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NYC Acupuncture Studio

We are open for healing in Flatiron!

Visit our studio for a one-of-a-kind natural healing experience including acupuncture, LED therapy + cupping. Our licensed acupuncturists will work with you to find a personalized treatment. Relieve stress, reduce pain, sleep better + more...