To help others heal their bodies + relax their minds in order to lead happier, healthier + more fulfilled lives. Every day. 

We believe in acu + herbs for all. Accessible. Available. Always an option. 

Our bodies are naturally powerful. We chose the name WTHN because ultimately our power to heal and thrive comes from our body’s natural defenses—from WTHN.


We’re here to help you own your best health by providing the right tools to unlock + support all your wellness goals.

We're also a community that's all about you. We're here to help you heal for real + radically transform, well, everything!

WTHN Approach to Healing

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science

Think of us as your partner in all things health + wellness. Our unique Prevent//Heal//Glow approach gives you the freedom to optimize your everyday, restore your health or shine from WTHN. Our treatment menus, herb blends, wellness boutique + more—they're all designed to help you prevent, heal or glow. 


Our approach is based on 2,500 years of time-tested healing + the latest in modern research. Traditional Chinese Medicine has naturally healed humans for thousands of years through acupuncture, herbal medicine + cupping—holistically powerful together, just as life-changing on their own. 


Now, modern research is shining a light on discoveries that validate the traditional use of acu + herbs more than ever. New clinical studies show that acu stimulates circulation and interacts with the fascial network (our internal messenger system), which alters brain chemistry and activates our natural healing mode. Like increasing the body’s natural production of opiates (hello endorphins!) for pain relief. We're finding out that herbs work in so many different ways, from lowering our stress hormones (cortisol) to increasing our happy hormones (serotonin + dopamine).

Because Science

Our Story

Michelle Larivee: After a ski accident resulted in chronic neck pain, my doctor recommended acu. The pain relief was immediate, but I also felt holistic benefits like better sleep, less stress and fewer sick days.  Later, acu + herbal medicine also helped me get pregnant with my son. I became the biggest advocate, but realized there was no easy way for someone to get started with acu + herbs—which inspired me to co-create WTHN.

Dr. Shari Auth, DACM, LAC, LMT: As a holistic health practitioner in New York for over two decades, I not only treat, but also partner with my clients to improve physical and mental health. Over the years, I have seen the obstacles and barriers that clients can face to regularly receiving the quality of care that they deserve—from price point to convenience and more. I wanted to change that paradigm.

Brought together by our own deeply personal health journeys and a shared desire to help others lead healthier lives, the combination of our unique perspectives has inspired us to bring the magic of ancient healing to our community.

We bring WTHN to you with great passion and excitement—and with that, we hope, comes the power to radically transform, well, everything!

We're here for you.

Michelle + Shari

Co-Founders | WTHN