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Herbs for Energy: Ditch the Caffeine with These 7 Herbs

WTHN Team/06.11.20

Herbs for Energy: Ditch the Caffeine with These 7 Herbs

With everything going on in the world, it’s no surprise that people have been turning more and more toward coffee, soda, and other forms of caffeine for increased energy.

There’s so much to focus on and deal with between the pandemic and trying to stay safe, that it’s only natural to want a bit of a boost to tackle all of the unexpected challenges of 2020. However, caffeine has some dreaded drawbacks like the inevitable crash.

So, what if we told you that there was a way to get the same supercharged boost without having to worry about that unwanted caffeine crash? It may sound too good to be true, but thanks to the science behind our herbs, it’s as true as true can get. 

If you want to burn the midnight oil in a healthier manner, give WTHN’s Daily Energizer supplement a try. What’s in this fatigue-fighting,* adaptogenic formula, you ask? Well, first, let’s take a deep dive into the types of herbs involved with a supplement that helps energize you without the normal caffeine crash.

Caffeine Energy vs. Herb-Based Energy 

The thing about caffeine is, it doesn’t actually supply your body with a source of energy. Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant, meaning it acts to make you feel alert and awake without actually providing any fuel. 

What it does do is block adenosine from binding to your receptors, which is the metabolite that makes you tired as you go through your day. Think of it like the fuel gauge on your car breaking -- you’re still using up energy and you’re probably running close to E, but you can’t see that because as far as you can tell, you still have tons left!

Hence, the caffeine crash -- crashing happens because you were often already tired when you had caffeine, and by the time it wears off, you’ve burned off even more energy, so the difference feels immense. 

With herbs, they often work to support energy levels versus just covering them up. From supporting good sleep to helping with immune function, herbs go to where your body needs support so you can feel awake, alert, and focused. There’s no “crashing” feeling because herbs are doing what they can to help nourish you and actually help your body metabolize energy in some cases!

So, which herbs can do just this?

Reishi Mushrooms 

Reishi mushrooms, also known as lingzhi, can be great both for improving your feelings of alertness and improving your energy levels, but they also can help provide support for emotional tension which can lead to better sleep quality and relaxation.*


Eleuthero, also known by the misnomer Siberian ginseng, is another herb which doubles up to support your immune system and gives you a much-needed energy boost during a strenuous workout if needed.* It’s much gentler on your system than caffeine and helps support your efforts to minimize stress.* Eleuthero is a crucial component in this herbal supplement.

Siberian ginseng can be combined with other herbs to lend its endurance-supporting abilities to create an all-natural energy fuel for your body.* Plus, you don’t have to worry about a caffeine crash later since you’re getting your energy from more sustainable, long-lasting sources. You can take it twice a day to reduce the chances of that dreaded mid-afternoon crash everyone tries to avoid. Eleuthero also works best when taken in between meals.

Need a little extra pick-me-up? You can even take a third dose to really power through your daily workout if needed (and as recommended by a medical professional). Eleuthero can help support your muscles’ abilities to work hard and your endurance efforts to get in those extra reps.*


Schisandra, or the five-flavored fruit, is a small berry with loads of health benefits. The seeds of these berries contain lignans, substances that are extracted and powdered to support your immune system and keep you feeling alert and peppy, even during a long day.* 

Schisandra also helps your body deal with daily stressors without letting you become overwhelmed, and helps to reduce emotional tension.* This healthful herb can help wake you up in the morning and power through that dreaded midday slump with a smile on your face!  

Rhodiola Root 

Rhodiola is used commonly by people who lack good sleep quality, or those who simply can’t get enough. It can help both with mental and physical exhaustion to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.* WTHN makes good use of the root by adding it into our Daily Energizer supplement to ensure you can get through the day with the confidence and energy you need to face and conquer any challenge that comes your way!

Pseudostellaria Root 

Although something of a mouthful to say, pseudostellaria is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to assist with improving your energy levels and promoting your body’s endurance efforts.* It can also support the overall health and functionality of your lungs and respiratory system, which is especially important for your workout routine.*


Often remembered for how tasty it is in many culinary dishes, this Southeast Asian plant is extremely healthy when used for cooking and can also be used in herbal supplements to keep you feeling energized. 

Ginger helps your stomach with efficient digestion, which means that it’s a great ingredient to combine in herbal supplements since it helps your body to properly process the supplement.* In fact, in addition to pumping you up, ginger may also help you shed some of those pesky extra pounds you’ve been trying to kick to the curb (paired with proper diet and exercise, of course)!*

Goji Berry 

You’ve probably heard of this superfood since they’ve recently become very popular, but did you know that they also help support both your body’s natural energy reserves and its natural ability to fight off pathogens?* These tiny red berries are jam packed with powerful properties which make them so desirable when it comes to choosing herbal supplements. Some people also enjoy adding them into their cereal, trail mix, or many kinds of baked goods.

However, some people have negative reactions to goji berries if they are taking blood thinners or medications for diabetes or high blood pressure, so be sure to talk to your doctor before including any kind of supplement that utilizes these bright red berries to make sure they are beneficial to your overall wellness plan.

In Summary 

It’s easy to feel the exhaustion of this year catching up to you, but luckily, there are plenty of all-natural herbal supplements for you to try in an effort to ditch those incessant yawns. 

These herbs help your body to naturally reset and rejuvenate without needing to rely on caffeine.* It’s always best to talk to your doctor about why you might be feeling so tired so you can work with them to find the right all-natural solution to help you stay awake, focused, and ready to enjoy life’s best moments!






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