Astragalus Root: The Many Health Benefits

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Astragalus Root: The Many Health Benefits

Have you ever felt the power of plants through all-natural herbal remedies? If not, you’re in for a treat. 

Herbal blend supplements can help boost your body to reach its best levels of performance. WTHN offers many types of organic herbal supplements, whether used on their own or proven combinations to help you attain the health and wellness you deserve. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to maintain the health and productivity of yourself and your family. 

We’ve all heard of cooking spices like cumin, dill, thyme, but many times, we can’t name too many others. Additionally, most people only think of herbs as cooking implements, but many of these all-natural powerhouses also serve medicinal purposes. For thousands of years, herbal remedies have been utilized by skilled herbalists as they have seen the phenomenal effects herbal blends can have on our bodies and minds.

It’s no secret that herbal medicine is used to assist, restore, and harmonize the many forces within our bodies to achieve perfect balance and happiness. Herbs can actually be all different parts of plants; the roots, flowers, leaves, stems, bark, seeds, and many more. When taken in combinations, these herbs work together to promote wellness in your body, mind, and soul. 

Each individual herb has its own unique properties that contribute to those mixtures and form dietary supplements which can help you in reaching your goals in your daily life. Unlike with western medicine, these all-natural remedies can take a few days before you begin feeling their effects, so it’s essential to remain patient and consistent. 

Traditionally, herbs have been ingested after they have been boiled in the form of tea. Many people use the phrase “bitter medicine” and it’s true. It’s no secret that herbal tea can be extremely bitter in nature. However, the good news is that to avoid that bad aftertaste, you can also take capsules to obtain your full supply of herbal supplements. These supplements can also come in the form of lotions for external use if the idea of swallowing a tablet doesn’t “float your boat.”

So, let’s talk about Astragalus root and what this powerful, all-natural herb can do for you and your body.

What Is It?

Astragalus root comes from a type of bean. While there are thousands of species, only 2 are primarily used in most supplements. Those are Astragalus membranaceus and mongholicus. Astragalus has been used in ancient Chinese remedies for thousands of years because of all the great benefits that are packed into that tiny root. Even back then, they recognized how useful herbal supplements could be for your body, especially when it comes to avoiding sickness and promoting wellness.

Astragalus root has antioxidant effects which help defend your body against damage from free radicals, which are compounds linked to health problems associated with aging. You can’t stop the production of free radicals completely because they’re a normal part of cellular energy production, but you can make sure that you include enough antioxidants in your diet and health regimen to be able to defend against them. 

Astragalus root can be taken as a natural supplement to help support the immune system in this way, as well as supporting liver function and maintaining heart health, all due to its antioxidant effects.

What Does It Do? 

While Astragalus root is an aid to your immune system on its own, most people don’t only take one herb at a time. Herbs are not often used on their own because combination formulas are so effective at enhancing their health qualities.

When paired with other herbal remedies, Astragalus root can support your body’s white blood cells, which is how it primarily supports your immune system since white blood cells are actually one of the most important parts of your immune function.

Astragalus root is also thought to support circulation to help maintain heart health. Astragalus can also support your kidney health as a result of healthy circulation. Besides its heart and kidney benefits, it can also help to temporarily alleviate mild gastric upset, as well as play a role in supporting the maintenance of healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels. 

You can find this super immune supporter in our Can’t Touch This supplements, which gives you the best defense you could ask for in a busy and bustling environment. You can take 2-3 tablets twice a day in addition to other vitamins and medications. It’s best to start taking immune support supplements one to two weeks before cold season or before traveling to make sure you have the best defense possible.  

Nowadays, you can never be too careful when it comes to getting sick. Plus, during the winter, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for you to meet the common cold. You want your immune system to have as much support as it possibly can, right?

What to Look Out For 

There may be contraindications such as for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, so check with your doctor to be sure your herbal prescription is right for you.

Be proactive, and talk to your physician about adding herbal supplements like Astragalus root to your daily regimen.


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