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For the Greener Good: How We’re Conserving & Learning

WTHN Team/31.03.22

For the Greener Good: How We’re Conserving & Learning

For the Greener Good: How We’re Conserving & Learning

Happy Earth Month! As we celebrate our planet and consider our own brand values, now is a great time to share our eco initiatives and next steps towards sustainability.

At WTHN, we’re committed to looking at the world through a green lens. That’s why every decision we make is with our planet (and its people) in mind. From our studios to our products, we believe that each day presents an opportunity to take better care of our Earth and of ourselves.

Read on to learn more about where we started on our sustainability journey, and where we’re going.


How it started: Our Organic Origins

From day one, we’ve only used 100% organic, ethically farmed herbs. This is easier said than done... Traditional Chinese Medicine calls for many hard-to-find ingredients, and they aren’t always available commercially. Regardless, we’re passionate about using only the cleanest, purest, highest quality herbs—they’re good for you, they’re good for the planet, and they’re good for the farmers.

At our studios, we’re constantly working to minimize waste, as well as energy and water usage. From natural cleaning supplies to sustainable furniture to reusable towels, each and every purchase is mindfully made. Change begins at home, as they say, and we’re proud to create spaces that are designed for the greener good. 

We hope you’ll join us in reducing your footprint! As part of our in-studio recycling program, we invite you to bring in your old WTHN herb bottles and receive a $5 credit towards your next shop purchase or appointment to redeem that day.**


How it’s going: Breaking Up with Plastic

We’re excited to announce that we’re in the process of moving away from single-use plastic. While disposable plastic can be convenient, the inconvenient truth is that it doesn’t biodegrade. Instead, it breaks down into micro-particles that pollute our environment, and contaminate our water sources and our food. And, while recycling is great, a concerning amount of recycled plastic still ends up in landfills.

With that said, we have some BIG news. We’ve given our herbal blends an eco-friendly makeover. With our supplements’ new glass bottle and bamboo cap, we’re reducing the use of plastics in favor of renewable, more easily-recyclable materials. The bottles and packaging are now 100% sustainable, so they’re literally doing good from the inside out. 

Our herbs have always been made with the highest quality ingredients—and that’s not changing. These are the same blends you know and love, but with a brand new look (+ new names to go along with it). So you’ll still feel good from the inside out, too.


Looking Forward: Open Eyes, Open Minds

As a newer brand, we’re learning every day. When it comes to sustainability, we believe there’s always room for improvement, and we’re committed to staying flexible, being nimble, and thinking outside the box. Our bodies, our minds, our communities, our planet: We are all one, we’re all in this together, and we’re just getting started.

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