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Top 6 Calming Herbal Remedies for Stress

WTHN Admin/07.06.21

Top 6 Calming Herbal Remedies for Stress

Top 6 Calming Herbal Remedies for Stress

None of us are strangers to stress, but we’re probably all in need of better ways to manage it. Stress can lead us to pick up unhealthy lifestyle habits (chain smoking, drinking in excess, etc.) that eventually lead to worsening stress levels and chronic anxiety.

Learning to manage stress involves lifestyle changes, but you can also incorporate the use of calming herbal remedies to help alleviate your anxiousness. 

We’ll talk about what causes stress, the best herbs proven to help reduce stress, and how you can incorporate them into your daily routine. 

What Causes Stress?

Stress is specific to the individual, but here are some of the most common reasons individuals experience stress.


Financial difficulty is one of the leading causes of stress and worry. Fear of not having enough money, losing the money you have, or making poor financial decisions causes distress and worry. 

The solution to financial stress, however, isn’t simply more money. Learning to make better financial decisions, deal with financial losses, and budget your expenses is key to financial peace. 

Likewise, learning to deal with the stress a financial situation can cause can help you make levelheaded financial decisions. 


Difficulty with personal relationships can lead to stress that has a profound impact on your life. Struggles with marriage, issues between children and parents, and even broken or fragile friendships can cause stress that seems unmanageable.

When relationships fail or seem as though they will, it can cause feelings of nervousness and anxiousness that make it hard to focus and can even affect your ability to get enough sleep. 


Even if you find yourself in a job you enjoy, work can be a major source of stress. Projects that are difficult, dealing with personalities at work, deadlines, or decisions that must be made can place undue pressure on a person and make it difficult for you to focus on your job. 

Additionally, insecurity with your job can be a major source of dress. If you feel you may lose your job or that your job will change significantly, you can develop stress. 


No matter when loss is experienced, most of us aren’t properly prepared to deal with the stress it can cause. Loss of relationships, loved ones, and even pets can cause stress that leads to deep feelings of sadness and grief. The stress one experiences due to loss can feel overwhelming and significantly interfere with your quality of life. 

While not all stress is unhealthy, high levels of stress can lead to chronic health issues and negative health markers. It’s important to deal with your stress and learn to manage it to ensure your quality of life and stay well. 

What Are the Best Herbal Remedies for Stress?

Natural, herbal remedies to alleviate stress are an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Unlike western medicine which focuses on treating diseases, TCM focuses on the total wellbeing of the body and mind. 

As such, ensuring mental calmness and clarity is a central part of TCM, which traditionally holds that if the mind is unwell, the body, too, can become unwell. 

Here are the best herbal remedies that have been used for centuries to alleviate feelings of stress.


Kava is an herb taken from a tropical plant that grows natively on islands in the Pacific island. It has been used to soothe feelings of high stress for centuries. Commonly taken in tea and capsule form, kava is a powerful herb that should be used carefully, as its relaxing effects are incredibly strong. 


Lavender is a blooming floral herb that is used for numerous purposes, including to soothe feelings of tension and restlessness. 

Lavender flowers can be used in herbal supplements by collecting the blooms and crushing them. Lavender also produces oil that can be harvested from the stem and used in essential oil production. 

Lavender is also thought to be calming on the body. Smelling lavender can help ease stomach upset and feelings of digestive discomfort.


You’ve probably got a friend who swears by chamomile tea to soothe their feelings of restlessness and help calm their nerves. Chamomile is a blooming herb that resembles a daisy. It is effective in helping deal with stress, and studies show it may be an effective option for dealing with stress on a long-term basis.


Passionflower is a woody vine with a bright flower that grows in tropical climates, and in the southern parts of the United States. 

Passionflower gained it’s popularity in the herbal community as an effective method of helping one relax and increase quality of sleep. More recently, it has been used to help ease feelings of high tension.

Valerian Root

Just like passionflower, valerian root was first used to help individuals who suffer from sleep issues, but it was discovered that its relaxing effects could also help people feel relaxed and manage their stress. 


This herb is taken from the leaf and berry of a shrub that grows mostly in the Middle East and parts of Africa. 

Popular in teas, ashwagandha helps alleviate stress and keep you feeling energized. Many users love the double benefit of ashwagandha as it helps them feel balanced, refreshed, and better able to handle their day. 

How Can I Incorporate Herbs Into My Daily Routine?

Using herbal remedies to help manage your stress is easy. Here are four popular ways to include the use of traditional herbal remedies in your daily routine. 


One of the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways to incorporate herbs into your health care stack is by simply using supplements. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, WTHN makes it easy by offering you a blend of the best calming, stress support herbs in an adaptogenic formula that won’t leave you feeling too mellow so you can still take on your day. 

Our Run the World supplement helps you loosen the grip of tension and stress so you can take on your life with energy and balance.  With energizing and relaxing ashwagandha root, you’ll feel cool, calm, and collected against whatever you face. Our blend also includes rhodiola root, another herb known for its relaxing properties. 

Run the World also contains bupleurum root, an immunity-boosting adaptogenic herb that supports healthy liver and digestive function, and can also help keep you energized without making you anxious. 

Our blend of herbs helps support your entire body while helping ease your stress levels. 

Pro tip: Our Chill Out Bundle features our calming, adaptogenic herbal blend along with our acupressure mat and therapeutic music soundtrack. When you’ve got a lot on your plate and feel you don’t have the mental capacity to handle it, this kit can bring you the relief you need naturally. 


Herbal tea can be a great option for getting fast relief during a particularly stressful day. The simple act of sipping tea can be relaxing to your body and mind, while the herbs you choose calm and soothe feelings of tension and nervousness. 

It’s important to make sure the herbal tea blend you select does not contain caffeine, which can increase heart rate and feelings of anxiousness. 

Essential Oils

Many herbs are available in oil form, which makes getting a little aromatherapy into your day easy. Feeling a bit overwhelmed at work? Dab a little lavender oil onto your temples and breathe in the relief. 

Diffusing essential oils can also promote a relaxed and calm mood, and a quality diffuser isn’t an expensive investment.  

If you find using essential oils in their pure form is a bit too strong, you can opt for a candle infused with essential oils, which will still create an environment of relaxation with a more subtle scent.


Tinctures are similar to essential oil. Tinctures are extracts that are usually dissolved in either alcohol or oil. Tinctures are highly concentrated and are typically used by consuming or adding to a food or beverage.

It should be noted that if you ingest a tincture, some of the potency of the herb can be lost due to digestion. It may not be easy to determine how much of a tincture you should take, as your body will have a specific tolerance to tinctures that is different from others. 


There are numerous causes of stress in our lives. Determining how to handle stress naturally and holistically can help improve your quality of life and help you regain feelings of balance and security. 

Using herbal remedies to help manage stress is a centuries-old practice that is effective and helps give you relief fast and naturally. WTHN is your go-to source for the highest-quality, most effective herbal remedies. 


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