Supporting Our Black Community

WTHN Community,


Right now Black communities everywhere are hurting deeply. Members of our WTHN community + our WTHN team are hurting deeply. Our message to our WTHN Black community: we see you and we stand with you. As a people-first, health-first company + platform, we cannot stand by silently at a time when healing is needed more than ever. 


As a part of the health + wellness community, we recognize that there has been a historical problem with representation, access + inclusion for Black, Indigenous + People of Color (BIPOC). We are committed to using our platform, our voice + our resources to take action to help be part of the solution to bring greater diversity + inclusion into the wellness space.




Being part of the solution of systemic and institutional racial injustice means helping amplify representation of BIPOC in the wellness space, and we recognize that our work begins, quite literally, WTHN. As an organization, we are taking active steps in committing to diversity AND inclusion on our leadership, corporate + studio teams, as well as within our clientele + community base. Furthermore, within the broader community of acupuncturists, we recognize the lack of representation by BIPOC and want to do our part to help create a long term + sustainable solution to this issue in our wellness community. 


Within the wellness + beauty industry we are inspired by the Aurora James #15PercentPledge and are committed to working toward stocking at least 15% of our shelves with BIPOC-owned brands. We have begun taking steps towards fulfilling this pledge and are excited to source best in class all natural health + wellness products for our online + studio communities. 



As we commit to being agents of change, we also recognize the need to continue to educate ourselves + our community around these very important issues. Below you can find a list of good resources to further the learning process, continue the conversation + donate to the causes.



As an ongoing commitment, we will constantly challenge ourselves to provide access to tools we have uniquely available through Chinese Medicine to support trauma, grief, anger, stress, anxiety, physical pain + more. In the short term, we will be offering Virtual Healing Sessions - custom 1x1 online healing sessions focusing on acupressure, breathwork, meditation + more -  free of charge to communities of color who have been impacted by this trauma. For details please email 



To our BIPOC community: please know that WTHN is here for you. We hear you, we see you and we are committed to doing our part to change the way we operate our business now + in the future. As we seek to do better, we welcome your feedback along the way. Reach out to us at with any insights + ideas on how we can do better. We pledge to listen, learn + do the work it takes to be part of the solution.


In health,

Michelle + Shari

Co-Founders, WTHN



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