Immunity Boost Bundle

-stay healthy + strong naturally

Everyone knows the best offense is a good defense. To keep you healthy + strong in these unprecedented times, the WTHN Immunity Boost Bundle brings you what’s worked for thousands of years. For a limited time, grab both blends for just $75.

Can’t Touch This - an ancient Chinese herb blend for immune system support that includes Astragalus - a powerful herb with naturally anti-viral properties - plus Reishi mushroom whose adaptogenic properties help the body cope with stress while strengthening the immune system. Stay untouchable! 


Kick It - a highly effective blend of naturally anti-viral herbs that kicks your respiratory and immune systems into high gear when you need it. Kick It supports your lungs, throat + sinuses, as well as relieve minor body aches. Don't let nature take it's course, do something about it!


Cheers to the power of plants!

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Immunity Boost Bundle -stay healthy + strong naturally