No Sick Days Bundle

- healthy + strong all winter long

‘Tis the season for getting Hygge-cozy, sweaters + scarves and sipping on hot cider. It’s also the season when nasty cold + flu germs return to finish the job they started last season. To stay healthy + strong as the temps drop, the WTHN No Sick Days Bundle has your back. For a limited time, grab both blends for just $75.


Can’t Touch This - Everyone knows a good defense is always the best offense. Can’t Touch This is an ancient Chinese secret for herbal immune system support that we’ve supercharged with the immune-boosting Reishi Mushroom. De-stress the body, boost the immune system and stay untouchable.


Kick It - Gets you back to feeling better when you’re under the weather. Our take on the ancient Chinese herb blend Yin Chiao, Kick It helps support your lungs, throat + sinuses, as well as relieve minor body aches. Take 2-3 tablets at the first sign of a scratchy throat so you can Kick It... to the curb. You’ll be glad to have this one on hand as we wind into winter!  

Cheers to the power of plants!



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No Sick Days Bundle - healthy + strong all winter long