Sample Packet

Try our amazing herbs on us! This sample packet delivers 4 of our bestselling herbs for you to try.


Gut Check

Gas? Bloating? Keep your gut in check! This time-tested blend of organic Chinese herbs reduces bloating while increasing metabolic fire.

Hero ingredients: Codonopsis, Fennel + Wild Yam

Dream On

A mix of naturally sedative organic herbs from around the globe to support deep sleep. Wake up refreshed, not groggy.

Hero ingredients: Ashwagandha, Jujube + Valerian

Fully Charged

A time-tested blend of Chinese herbs used for centuries to increase Qi - the body's energy flow. Boost your energy without a crash! 

Hero ingredients: Rhodiola, Eleuthero + Goji Berry

Oops I Did It Again

Your go-to relief when you eat or drink too much. A traditional Chinese indigestion formula supercharged with herbs for liver detox.

Hero ingredients: Fenugreek, Ginseng + Milk Thistle



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