Awesome Autumn Bundle

There’s no denying it - fall is busy and stressful as you get back to the daily grind. Cue the WTHN “Awesome Autumn Bundle” - our all-organic herb duo to help keep you healthy, strong + focused so you can focus on the things that really matter (and how much you miss you summer). For a limited time, get both blends for $75 - because we know how much you need them right now! 

Run the World // Our best-selling stress management herb blend uses adaptogenic herbs to help you manage the never-ending flow of daily life. So you can spend more time enjoying the little things, big things - and really all the things. 

Clean Slate // This detox + reset elixir is formulated with all-organic herbs like dandelion + triphala to help you feel lighter, brighter + so much clearer.

It’s time to get back to you + make the easiest transition ever to fall.



Not enough left in stock