Four herb blends that will help you stay healthy + calm

When things seem a little chaotic and stress levels begin to rise, our immune systems can take a pretty big hit. Taking some extra time to focus on empowering your best health is a great idea to ensure your body is functioning at its absolute best. Cheers to the power of plants.

Herbs Q&A

What are herbs?

Herbs have treated body + mind together for thousands of years. Simply put, herbs are natural products (aka plant parts) with therapeutic properties.

Should I take herbs with food?

It’s okay to take herbs on an empty stomach. In fact, herbs work fastest between meals when they’re not competing with what’s already in your system. Herbs won’t irritate the gut, and tend to assimilate faster on an empty stomach. Of course, if you only remember to take them while you’re eating or prefer to take them with food, that’s totally fine too.

How often should I take herbs?

Herbs only work if you take them. It’s true, for best results take your herbs regularly. Get in the habit of packing the pill container so your afternoon dose is convenient - or get two bottles, one for home + one for the office. If you forget a dose, don’t beat yourself up. Just remember the next one!

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