Herb Starter Kit

- so you're ready for anything

The WTHN Herb Starter Kit is your ready-for-anything herb bundle. Feeling under the weather, trouble sleeping or too much to eat or drink, the Home Herb Kit gets you back on track. Grab these 3 herb-tastic blends for just $100.


Dream On - helps you unwind + get some zzzz’s when you feel like you’ll never, ever fall asleep again - with natural sedative herbs like jujube + valerian root. Plus you’ll wake up feeling shockingly refreshed, not groggy.


Kick It - supports your lungs, throat + sinuses, as well as relieves minor body aches so you feel better faster when you're under the weather. You’ll be glad to have this one on hand as we get into fall/winter + those back-to-school germs return!  


Oops I Did It Again - helps you undo when you overdo - with detox superheroes ginseng, milk thistle + fenugreek. A few tablets after a proper feast or too much booze will jumpstart your metabolism + minimize recovery time. 


Three cheers (actual) for the power of plants!



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Herb Starter Kit - so you're ready for anything