Summer Survival Kit

– restorative herb blends

We get it - summer is made for splurging. Thankfully, our Summer Survival Kit has your back. It includes two powerfully restorative herb blends (Oops I did it Again and Clean Slate) so you can stay on your A-game without missing out on any summer fun.


Oops I Did it Again will help you undo when you overdo - with detox superheroes ginseng, milk thistle + fenugreek to jumpstart your metabolism + minimize recovery time. A few tablets after a proper feast or one too many cocktails will have you back in fine form in no time.


And Clean Slate - your detox + reset elixir blend - is formulated with all-organic detox herbs like dandelion and triphala + will help you feel lighter, brighter + clearer.


And for a limited time, get both for just $75.



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Summer Survival Kit – restorative herb blends