Hit Refresh Bundle

– Detox, de-stress, sleep

You can’t hit the reset button on 2020 - but your body can with the Hit Refresh Bundle. 


Run the World: Mental health = physical health. Get ready to take on the day with a blend of Ashwagandha (reduces the stress hormone Cortisol) and Rhodiola (an all natural energy booster).  Feel calm, yet totally energized.

Dream On: Good sleep is the gateway to feeling like your best self. Dream On blends all-organic, naturally sedative plants like valerian root + jujube seed to help you fall asleep peacefully, stay asleep all night and wake up all kinds of refreshed. 


Clean Slate: A natural deep cleanse that makes everything feel lighter and brighter. detoxing herbs like Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root will help your body flush out toxins for clearer skin, stronger digestion + more energy. After a year of quarantine indulgence - this just may be the holistic antidote to 2020.





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Hit Refresh Bundle – Detox, de-stress, sleep