The Don't Stress Kit

Today’s world is fast. We talk fast, type fast + stress fast. Between work and family alone (you? forgotten fast!), you’re constantly getting hit with requests from all sides. But don’t stress - we’ve got you (and we mean you). Meet our must-have multi-sensory superheroes for when you’re feeling anxious, restless, stressed + desperate to lock into your zen.

WTHN Run the World - A charge-you-up adaptogenic herb blend that lowers cortisol levels (aka stress) + relaxes your mind. Just 2-3 tablets will get your day started on the right foot.

Gem Story Calm Essential Oils - Essential oils + crystals for the win! This duo will help channel, focus + harness calming energy. Roll on your pulse points in the AM to keep it zen all day.

Jane Less Stress Bath Bomb - This handcrafted, delightfully effervescent bath cube heals body + mind. Unwind in the tub + soak out the stress of the day before beddie.

Get all 3 for just $80 to help you manage + enjoy the daily flow of life.



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