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WTHN Guide to Keeping Calm in Quarantine

WTHN Team/01.06.20

WTHN Guide to Keeping Calm in Quarantine

Physically, the world is asking less of us – but emotionally, it’s definitely asking way more. We went to one of our healing gurus – Karen Ortiz, LAC – to get some advice on how to keep calm with stress + anxiety spiking on the daily. Here’s what Karen had to say: 

Coronavirus has affected all of our lives – including our mind, body + spirit. But remember, we do have the gift of healing. Calming the mind is a tricky thing – here are our top 7 tips!

Create a routine + schedule.

We’re creatures of habit. Our minds like routine. This doesn’t have to be military-style, just create simple goals or projects you want to accomplish for the day – going through that pile of mail, gathering tax paperwork, organizing kitchen cabinets or purging closets. We’re all on organic time now. Just let things flow and get them done.

Brew some tea.

Sip on calming tea throughout the day. Most of us have healing Chamomile tea in our kitchen. It helps with relaxation, bloating or upset stomach, reducing inflammation and can even treat cold symptoms. For non-tea drinkers, add Yoga In A Cup Stress and Anxiety Relief to smoothies. 

Consider holistic alternatives.

If you’re taking medications and worried about interactions with herbs, I recommend two remedies. One is Calm Drops, delicious gluten-free vanilla lozenges. Want to try something a little stronger? Peaceful Warrior is the way to go. Note: this has brandy as its conductor, but available alcohol-free and safe to take pregnant. 

Take an herbal blend.

If your level of stress + anxiety is a bit higher, I recommend taking a Chinese herbal formula. Our personal WTHN brand is amazing! You can Run The World right from your living space – available online at wthn.com.

Try meditation + breathwork.

Many studies have shown the effects that meditation + breathwork have on stress + anxiety. You can read Harvard’s study here – plus follow the link on the page to follow the guided meditations.

Keeping your body moving.

It keeps the mind + spirit uplifted. Yoga has been shown to work on the physical + spiritual parts of our lives, using breathing techniques, exercise + meditation. According to the Yoga Journal, 8 poses help manage stress in particular here. And for anxiety, they recommend these poses here.

Take a dance break.

Moving your body to connect with mind + spirit helps ease stress + anxiety. Studies have shown that dancing can reduce stress and help your wellbeing, like this one here. Just feel the beats and dance to your own rhythm. Stay positive and keep breathing + moving.

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