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Tips For Keeping Calm During The Holidays

WTHN Team/22.10.21

Tips For Keeping Calm During The Holidays

Tips For Keeping Calm During The Holidays

The holidays are meant to be a time of celebration and happiness, but between the daily to-dos and ever-growing expectations of grandeur we’ve placed on the season, this time has evolved into a period that evokes more stress than joy. Any anxiousness that comes with planning (or whenever plans manage to go awry) is natural, of course, but a pillar in the TCM philosophy is to prevent what we can—and look WTHN every present moment.

Here are some of our best tips on keeping calm (and carrying on) throughout the holiday season:

Prioritize your health

It seems obvious, but when we’re caught in the hustle and bustle of holiday insanity, the last thing we think about is our health. Make time throughout the week to check in with yourself: are you drinking enough water? Are you moving with intention? Are you eating the right amount of nutrients for your body? Where possible, prioritize the following:

Move and meditate

Keep your cortisol levels in check by de-stressing with physical exercise (a daily walk, a workout class or whatever works best with your lifestyle) and mindful meditation. If traditional meditation isn’t quite your speed (yet), set the mood with palo santo and sound therapy to hone in on what you need. (Chill and Escape are our favorites for tuning out; Focus and Manifest are key for tuning in.)


Heal from within

Herbal blends like Run the World (for acute, daily stress management) are here to support you: take what you need and stay consistent to find every day relief. For post-party recovery or balance after a big night (in, or out: say yes to indulgences!), take Oops I Did It Again and don’t look back. (No regrets, ever.)


Sleep well

These gel packets can help replenish depleted magnesium levels in the body to ensure you get your dose of rest and relaxation—then, right before your slide under the covers, slip on a rose quartz eye mask to help relieve fatigue from a day spent locked in front of a screen.

Make time for self-care 

What we won’t do is dismiss self-care as trivial or frivolous: it’s essential to resetting both mindset and mood, so set aside a few moments a day (or a few hours a week) dedicated to you and you only.


Incorporate acupressure into your daily routine

It can be as simple as adding a few ear seeds to key points on your ear—simply set and forget for maximum ease—or allocating 20 to 30 minutes a day to lay on your acupressure mat


Book a personalized acupuncture experience

If you’re new to acupuncture, read this guide to understand how—and why—this ancient system of preventative, curative care can be transformative in so many ways. Evidence-based reviews have suggested acupuncture as a promising, effective treatment for anxiety; use this time to recenter your qi and pinpoint (pun intended!) any conditions, physical and emotional.


Elevate your self-care ritual with time-tested tools

Add Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques into your daily beauty routine for noticeable benefits: try face cupping, gua sha, and rolling to help awaken the face with improved circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. Doing so helps alleviate any tension in the face muscles (where we hold our stress) and also helps visibly de-puff, sculpt and lift—naturally

Lists are lifesavers

Plan your day the night before to help you prioritize your tasks and keep you on track—no matter what life throws your way.

Start by anchoring your day with gratitude

Recognizing the things you’re most grateful for, no matter how small, can change the course of your day. Ground yourself by showing appreciation; light a Heal for Real candle to infuse your space with good vibes, jot down a quick gratitude list and set forth on your day (or end the night) with gratitude in your heart, only.

Keep your to-do lists concise

Write out the must-dos, the if-there’s-time-I’ll-get-tos and keep it just at that. The goal is to keep yourself on task, not overwhelm yourself—and every time you finish a task, cross it off your list with utmost pride and satisfaction.

You got this. You run the world.

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