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Serious Skin Care Tactics That Work: When, How, and Why To Practice Them

WTHN Team/11.05.21

Serious Skin Care Tactics That Work: When, How, and Why To Practice Them

Sure, you’ve got your favorite facial cleanser and moisturizer, and every once in a while you spring for a facial. Still, you feel like you should be doing something more for your skin. 

Whether you are interested in anti-aging, restoring your skin’s healthful glow, or simply getting a better and more even skin tone, we’ve got some solutions that you can add to your routine that work and produce amazing results. 

If you’re ready to get next level results from your skin, follow along.

What Makes Our Skin Lose It’s Glow?

Our skin is our largest organ, and it comes face to face with the outside world daily. External stressors like ultraviolet rays from sunlight, smoke and pollution, and even the chemicals we use to clean our house can wreak havoc on our skin, causing us to age faster than we should. 

Those external stressors are sources of free radical damage, that attack our healthy cells and make it harder for our skin to stay healthy, make collagen and elastin that supports our skin’s youthfulness, and keep an even skin tone. 

Unfortunately, free radical damage isn’t the only source of damage for our skin. Our own diets and the products we use on our skin can also cause our skin harm. 

In terms of skin care and beauty products, the U.S. is extremely behind the times in regulating what goes into the products we use. In fact, the U.S. allows numerous ingredients in our skin care products that have been banned in countries like Europe and Canada. 

The ingredients in our products and the external stressors we face day to day are making our skin sick. The solution? A good detox, and some helpful skin care tactics that work. 

Skin Care Tactic #1: Skin Detox

How do you get rid of the build-up of toxic skin care ingredients and pollution from environmental irritants? You detox. 

While a simple internet search can give you a million different ways to detox your skin (including drinking literal gallons of water and only eating cabbage), you really just need to flush the toxins out through what your body is already equipped to do so with -- your liver. 

Your liver filters toxins from your body, and helping support your liver can help make sure your liver functions properly and removes toxins quickly. 

Product To Try: Forever Young

Our herbal remedy contains pearl powder, turmeric, rose hips, amla fruit and more which can help skin become more hydrated and glowy, with a reduction in fine lines, a clearer complexion and less visible signs of aging. It’s like taking a spa day without leaving your home. 

What To Expect

After a few weeks, skin may become more hydrated and glowy, with a reduction in fine lines, a clearer complexion and less visible signs of aging.

WTHNsider Tip

Make this powerful antioxidant part of your beauty routine. Take Forever Young plus use your Face Roller, Gua Sha and/or Face Cups weekly for best results.

Skin Care Tactic #2: Face Cupping

If you don’t know much about cupping, that’s okay. You don’t have to be a professional to do facial cupping at home. In fact, it’s very simple. 

Face cupping is the process of stimulating blood flow in your skin to help reactivate your skin’s restorative and reparative processes. 

Cupping also helps stimulate your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, and helps fade the signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and areas of hyperpigmentation. 

Facial cupping works by creating suction against your skin which pulls the fascia away from the bone. This suction helps encourage blood flow while activating tissues and helping supercharge your skin’s healthy glow. 

Product to try: Face Cupping Kit. Our facial cupping set uses manual pumps to create suction instead of heat. Two glass cups with attached pumps are included for cupping different areas of your face. 

Skin Care Tactic #3: Gua Sha

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese method of detoxifying the skin by using a tool to lightly massage the skin. Gua Sha is also helpful in releasing tension and helping soothe irritation. The scraping process may leave mild bruising, which is normal and fades within a few days. 

Using a rose quartz tool is a great way to practice gua sha, as rose quartz increases blood circulation, and is believed to help balance emotions and mood. It also helps boost your skin’s natural collagen production, which can help keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. 

Product to try: WTHN Gua Sha Kit. Our gua sha kit contains a beautiful rose quartz tool which can be used to practice gua sha whenever you feel necessary. Practicing gua sha at least once a week will give you the most results. 

Skin Care Tactic #4: Facial Rolling

If you haven’t heard about facial rolling yet, we’re guessing you’re not on social media. Everyone from your favorite influencers to your best friends are raving about their favorite methods and techniques of facial rolling. 

Facial rolling involves using a handheld stone roller to gently massage your face to increase circulation, stimulate collagen production, and help drain the facial lymph nodes that can cause bags under the eyes and swelling in the cheeks and face. 

Facial rolling is non-invasive, can be done numerous times a day, and feels amazing. You can pair your facial roller with your favorite skin oil (we recommend one below) to increase the benefits. 

Product to try: WTHN Rose Quartz Face Roller Kit. Easy to use and made of beautiful rose quartz, our facial roller also comes with a helpful booklet to get you started on your facial rolling journey. You’ll love how awake your skin looks after rolling. It’s like giving your face a cup of coffee in the morning. 

Skin Care Tactic #5: Facial Oil

Most of us have skin that is seriously dehydrated. Even if it is oily, it can be an indication our skin doesn’t have enough moisture. Using a facial oil to cleanse and moisturizer your skin can help keep your skin’s natural moisture balance in check and help restore its healthy glow. 

Product to try: Everyday Oil. This natural blend of plant oil extracts helps keep the skin from your head to your toes cleansed, hydrated, and soft. Use it along with your facial roller for even better hydration.

The Takeaway

Your skin suffers because of a build up of toxins from products and external stressors. You can help detox your skin and restore it’s glow and radiance with these simple tactics and products!


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