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How to Maintain Your Wellness Routine While Traveling

WTHN Team/18.06.21

How to Maintain Your Wellness Routine While Traveling

How to Maintain Your Wellness Routine While Traveling

We all live for the escape (a much-needed and well-deserved respite from the daily grind) no matter the destination — but if there’s one thing from home we want to bring with us, it’s the wellness routine we’ve worked so hard to perfect. Good habits need upkeep too, and even a weekend away shouldn’t give us reason to stray from our daily must-dos. Your health comes first, after all. Period.

What makes the vacation version of your beauty and wellness routine fun, though, is the potential for flexibility or experimentation. Bring the whole medicine cabinet if you’re so inclined or keep it minimalist with just the essentials. The goal is simple: to feel your best all trip long and return fully recharged.

Here are our favorite feel-good tips for wellness on the go:

How to Prep

Start incorporating Can’t Touch This into your regimen one week before your trip. The best offense is a solid one, and with a supercharged mix of herbs inspired by Jade Screen (a traditional Chinese blend), these tablets are essential in de-stressing before you jet-set — and more importantly, are key to strengthening your immune system.

What to Pack

At minimum, bring your two staple remedies with you:

  • A mini bottle of Can’t Touch This, which is crucial for keeping your immune system balanced no matter what life (or even, just the plane ride) throws your way.
  • Your travel-sized Dream On, also non-negotiable. Whether you plan on sleeping in, staying out, or crossing all the time zones, relaxation is what you deserve. Better sleep means a better time.

What you pack next depends entirely on the kind of trip you have in mind. 

  • There’s nothing wrong with indulging — but should you overdo it, Oops I Did It Again is your just-in-case antidote for the nights (or multi-course meals) that never end. Your gut and liver will thank you. 
  • If a full day of exploring is on the itinerary, or if daily surfing, hikes, and all the outdoor activities are more your speed, bring Fully Charged with you. Rhodiola Root, Goji Berry, Ginger Root, and a host of other energy-boosting herbs keep you on 100% all day, every day. Pit stops for caffeine are now (finally!) optional.
  • For the adventurous foodies, Gut Check keeps your digestion in balance. Skip the bloat, forget the worry about indigestion, and try everything on the menu with peace of mind — and full trust in your gut.
  • To boost your glow for every photo op (or if sun, sand, and beach days are on the horizon): Forever Young is packed with the antioxidants you need to fight against skin-aging free radicals. Plus, it features a beautifying blend of ingredients like Pearl Powder, Turmeric Root, and organic Amla Fruit to help you achieve renewed, lit-from-within skin.

What to Do

  • Keep your gua sha in your carry-on to boost your radiance and circulation top to toe. Use it to help detox and sculpt your face before you hop off your flight, and if you need, use the tool to massage your calves and thighs, too. Upward motions toward your heart can help relieve any muscle tightness and tension — which is a game-changer after hours of sitting in the same position.
  • Take your rose-infused facial spray, too. Mist whenever, wherever you need an instant refresh for a hydrating — and uplifting — skin, hair, and mood boost.  

The moral of this story? Yes, you can have your fun and keep up on your wellness, too.

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